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Product Features

  • Unified management for IPC, DVR, NVR, storage server, stream server, video wall controller, and etc.
  • Flexible to manage up to 1024 local channels and 1024 cloud channels; add, edit and share cloud devices.
  • Automatic device search (or search by segment); add devices by domain name/IP address; add,devices and adjust time in batch.
  • Diverse capabilities:
  • Live view: up to 64*4 live view and sequence display, corridor mode, two-way audio, audio broadcast
  • Record: local recording, recording schedule, alarm record, record download
  • Playback: time/event retrieval, local/remote playback, async/sync playback, VOD for different speed
  • PTZ control: Pan, tilt, zoom, 3D positioning, preset, patrol, pattern, and patrol plan
  • Alarm: temperature, device online/offline, motion detection alarming and alarm triggering for live view, recording
  • E-Map: hot spot for easy live view, hot region for sub-map, eagle eye, and map alarming
  • TV wall: decoding channel configuration, channel preview, sequence display and playback on TV wall
  • Cost-effective EZRecorder(software) for storage server and cost-effective EZStreamer(software) for stream server
  • Flexible maintenance such as log export, alarm info export
  • Friendly user interface for easy operation

Brand Modal EZStation_1102-B0032P01(IN)
Device Management
Devices Supported Max. 1024 local channels and 1024 cloud channels
Max. 32 decoding devices
Max. 8 EZRecorder storage servers
Max. 4 EZStreamer stream servers
Features Auto device discovery, and adding, configuring, time adjusting in batch
Live Monitoring
Screen Layout 1/ 4/ 5 /6 /8 /9 /10 /13 /16 /17 /25 /32 /36 /64 split screen(s) with up to 3 sub screens
PTZ Control Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Preset, Patrol, 3D positioning, IR control, wiper control, heat control, snow removing Note: To realize functionality above, please refer to the product’s practical capacity.
Features Sequence display, snapshot, local record, audio, two-way talk, and instant playback
Video Source Recording video from DVR/NVR and EZRecorder
Max Channels 16 (Async)/16 (Sync)
Search Type Time/event/calendar
Export File .ts
Features Recording schedule and download, snapshot, -16x~16x speed for forward and backward, audio, digital zoom
Type Service alarms and device alarms
Alarm Triggering Live view, recording, email, preset, alarm output and etc.
Features Alarm schedule, actions setup, alarm memo, alarm info popup
Map Alarm Alarm flash, search and acknowledge
Features Hot spot, hot region, map zoom in/out, map group, eagle eye
System Requirement
Operating system Microsoft Windows7/Windows8 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Note: EZ Software only supports 64-bit system compatible with 32-bit.
CPU Intel Pentium IV 3.0 GHZ or higher (4Cores,3.0GHZ are recommended)
Memory 1GB or higher
Network Card Gigabit Ethernet network card (or higher) are recommended
Display resolution 1024*768 or higher (EZStation)
HDD 1TB or higher (EZRecorder)